You’re Hired! The Apprentice’s Guide to Blog Writing Success

November 15, 2012
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I am a big fan of TV program “The Apprentice”.  I love watching how the competitors deal with the unexpected challenges thrown their way.  Of course some of the action is dramatised for television. However having worked before in highly competitive career-orientated businesses I know how close to life all the backstabbing and power plays can really be.

This is one of the reasons I decided to quit the field and become a free-lance copywriter.  I just want to get on with my job and carve out my own successes without worrying what everyone is up to!

Learning from the Masters

However you feel about “The Apprentice” there are many valuable lessons to be learned on how to succeed.  The competitors are out to win and use all of the skills, abilities and (sometimes limited) experience to emerge ahead of the pack.  If you are trying to make a success of your online business then you can learn a lot from watching these fiercely competitive ‘wannabes’ at work.

I have found many tips picked up from “The Apprentice” have helped me develop my own career skills.  This has been useful in competitive marketplaces such as online business.  Building up blogs to develop PR strategies can be tricky at times because of the busy and fiercely competitive nature of the market.

Here are just a few tips from “The Apprentice” that can help you to succeed.

1. Never Give Up

Many people on “The Apprentice” simply don’t know how to quit.  They never give up and keep reaching for the prize even after bitter and sometimes humiliating defeats.  It may be true that some of them don’t realise how bad they are at business and team work.  However sometimes determination and drive can take you a long way and certainly far enough to give you a chance to improve your skills and experience for the future.

The important thing to learn is to never give up with writing blogs.  You need to keep working and striving to improve and develop your blog writing skills.  Never rest on your laurels and keep broadening your horizons for new ideas and inspirations.

2. All is fair in business

In business you cannot afford to be too squeamish.  Sometimes you will need to go for the throat in order to succeed in tough marketplaces.  You will see this a lot in “The Apprentice”.  Although the competitors may work together on challenges their actions are motivated primarily in what makes them look good.

If you want to be hired as a blog writer you need to make sure you are offering a professional service that meets the customer’s needs.  Get on freelance writing websites and compete for jobs and don’t be afraid to contact existing blogs if you feel they could do with an injection of new talent.

All is fair when you are trying to get ahead in the competitive world of freelance blog writing.  You can’t afford to be polite and stand aside to let others get ahead.

3. Have clear goals

Everyone on “The Apprentice” has their own goals.  The primary goal will be to win the program and achieve a dream job working for one of the most successful businessmen in the country.  However the competitors will also have other goals as well.  Some of them may have their own ideas for setting up a business and are just on the competition to get exposure and capital for their plans.  Others may be trying to learn more about the high end of business in order to get the skills and experience they need to boost their careers after the show is over.

In freelance blog writing you need clear goals.  Do you want to earn enough to quit your day job and work from home?  If so then you will need to devote a lot of time and energy to building up your client lists and getting the money rolling in.  If you only want to blog write in your spare time then you will need to be careful about how much work you take on.  If you overstretch yourself you may end up falling behind and losing clients.  This can also place a lot of additional stress on you.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is CIO at Konoozi (located at Buffalo, New York) offering web design services, search engines optimization, content writing and online marketing.

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