What Is Digital Marketing Anyways?

November 7, 2012
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Digital Marketing is becoming more and more popular with not only big corporations but also the small to medium sized businesses looking to grow their business through the various Digital channels. I find that many people get confused (even the experts) with what Digital Marketing actually stands for and what is included in a general Digital Marketing strategy. Here are some of the different types of Digital Marketing, advantages of Digital Marketing and an overview of each element that encompasses a Digital Marketing strategy or campaign.

Different Types Of Digital Marketing

Pull Marketing (Potential Clients / Target Audience)

Pull Marketing in terms of your Digital Marketing strategy means to put content or advertisements into the online world via your website, blog posts, videos etc. that then get found by your target audience. This type of marketing can then be further optimized to attract a larger audience through various types of Online Marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, Display or Banner Advertisements.

Push Marketing (Existing Clients / Subscriber)

Push Marketing involves “pushing” your message onto the intended recipient through various digital channels such as Email Marketing, SMS or MMS Marketing etc. Generally speaking, Push Marketing is done by sending these messages to existing opt-in subscribers who are already within your database whom you are wanting to notify of new services or offers or upsell into new products / services.

The Various Digital Marketing Channels

Website, Microsites & Landing Page Design

To begin any Digital Marketing campaign, it is a wise move to start off by creating a website where you can direct traffic to. If you already have a website and plan to market your products and services, you can also use Landing Pages. Landing Pages are pages with targeted content built specifically for target audiences.

Mobile Websites & Application Development

In this day and age, it is almost essential that you have either a mobile website or have an app created for your product, service or offering. Smart phones are in the hands of trillions of people worldwide and if you aren’t targeting mobiles, you’re just not in the game.

Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

When building a business website, ecommerce website or landing pages, SEO and SEM are crucial to driving traffic to your pages. Search Engine Optimisation is about driving “organic” traffic to your websites which is essentially free whereas Search Engine Marketing is a paid effort and is generally used in conjunction with your landing pages.

Social Networking & Social Media Marketing

Social Networking and Social Media Marketing is about increasing exposure for your business or brand. Social Media is the new “Word of Mouth”. Facebook Marketing especially enables you not only to target certain types of people but also to their friends and the friends of the friends which maximizes your overall reach.

Email Marketing & eDM Campaigns

An essential part of any push campaign, email marketing enables you to market to your existing clientele or subscribers and keep them up to date with your latest products, services or offers. This is an extremely effective marketing technique that allows you to segment and personalize your marketing efforts.

SMS / MMS Marketing & Instant Messaging

Another essential part of any push campaign or Digital Marketing strategy is SMS, MMS and Instant Messaging campaigns. This type of marketing requires an existing database to market to and much like Email Marketing, enables you to segment and target different audience within your existing database.

Online Display & Banner Advertising

Much like advertising on a billboard in the offline world, Online Display Advertising enables you to place banner advertisements on high traffic sites and pay per click or pay each time someone views your advertisement.

Digital Public Relations & Online News Distribution

You may submit a news or PR release if your company has just launched, if you have just opened a new store or if you just launched a new product service. New or Press Releases are published in a very formal format and are generally designed to build awareness and credibility

Benefits And Advantages Of Digital Over Traditional Marketing

Highly Targeted Which Means Greater Conversion

Generally speaking, Digital Marketing is much more targeted that traditional types of marketing as there are many ways to find out where or who your content is going in front of before you produce it or launch your campaign unlike a Newspaper Advertisment or TV Advertisement.

Ability To Track And Measure Marketing Campaigns

Platforms such as Google AdWords allow you to track and measure your performance with campaigns such as Search Engine Marketing and Google Display Advertising. Even SEO is able to be tracked through Google Analytics and various rank tracking tools.

Cost Effective And Greater Returns On Investment

Digital Marketing strategies such as SEO are super cost effective and allow you to spend very little amounts and generate large volumes of traffic through to your website not only initially but over a long period of time, however you have to wait some time for the results in many cases. SEM is much the same however your spend is much larger amounts initially but the results are almost instanteous. Whichever way you go, Digital Marketing is much more cost effective and deliver greater returns on your investment.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is CIO at Konoozi (located at Buffalo, New York) offering web design services, search engines optimization, content writing and online marketing.


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    Thanks for publishing our post Konoozi! If anyone has any questions, feel free to let me know.

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  2. Didn’t realise there was so many types of digital marketing. Social media is at the moment very popular. I see that companies are now promoting their products on several social media sites.
    Nice article.

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