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January 21, 2013
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Mobile web design has become important. All websites should be made mobile compatible as they should work well on all mobiles. Mobile web design is more than just including an app. It includes determining various ranges of options that must be taken into consideration. A mobile website should load fast. This is basic. It should be mobile compatible and should be easy to read on the mobile screens. Mobile phones are handy accessories that are used by millions to access information on the go. According to statistics, more than 60% of mobile users will expect any web page to open under 3 to 5 seconds max. Web pages with excess amount of flash or graphics might require more time to load. If a normal website is taking more time to load, then chances are that they might move on to the next website. So do your best. Images on the website must be compressed, so that mobile websites appear quickly on the mobile phones.

Technical Specifications to Mobile Websites

Mobile websites should be easily navigable. So keep the navigation simple. Most people want to know where they are and where they want to move to. If your mobile website is informational, it is a great way to bring in traffic and engage customers into your website. Make sure that the information you put on your website is useful and easily accessible. Certain specifications for a mobile website includes that, scrolling should be minimized as much as possible. Choose between horizontal and vertical scrolling. There should be an easy home and back button. Mobile sites that are complex must have a search box within it. They should be clearly visible as much as possible. The mobile website should be thumbed friendly. Thumbs of any sizes must fit the mobile screen or be able to click on any link. Buttons and links should be big enough to be used easily. This is helpful for easy interaction and communication with the users.

Mobile Web Design – Visibility of Text and Graphics

Mobile website design should be as such that all the buttons are large enough to be clicked on and there is minimal risk of accidental clicking. Make everything visible. Everything on the mobile website should be visible enough for the user, so that the user is not kept in dark while surfing through the internet. Try to maintain a good contrast in between the text of your site and the background of your mobile website. The whole page content should be able to fit into the screen and be easily visible without having the need to zoom into the website. Use blank and white space in your mobile website if possible. Try to make your website easily accessible. Try not to use any flash or use lesser amount of images. This will load the website quicker. Flash based websites and content are not easily accessible or usually has longer loading time on all mobile devices. Use the all new HTML5 instead of using the flash technology. HTML 5 is easier for mobile website development and helps in easy loading of mobile websites.

E-Commerce based Mobile Websites

What is the main goal of your mobile website? Does it aim to sell something or just provide information to the visitors? If it’s an e-commerce based website, focus on achieving higher conversion rates. Try not to fill your mobile website with excess amount of images or text just to impress your visitor. Focus on the product based relevant content that will motivate them to buy something from your website or perform any other action like filling up a form or contacting you. Provide things like contact number of your company, details of the product, and the location of your company. Having contact information is one of the most important things to have on your website. Make it accessible in just a few easy steps. Try not to put too many steps in order to reach another page on your website. If you want your visitor to engage in filling up a form, then provide minimal fields that are short and quite easy for the visitor to fill up. There is no harm in using check boxes or scroll down menus so that data can be entered easily and manually by the visitor.

Optimizing Mobile Websites

Mobile websites have limitations working with CMS like technology and thus bespoke websites might be required to be built. Try not to build mobile websites that are different. It just won’t work. They could turn out to be costly and equally time consuming. If you plan on having a website that will work on many mobile devices and not just one mobile device, then it is important that you build something with good accessibility, something that is resourceful and focuses on your budget. Try to keep the content similar. Optimize your website for mobile in such a way, that it is useful to the user. Optimize for both content and display. It should work well on touch screens and normal phones with buttons only.

Using Google Analytics to know where to focus

If you are using an analytics solutions provider like Google analytics, the picture has been laid down in front of you. The numbers and stats will provide things like version, screen size and the operating system being used. The Google analytics account will show a number of mobile accessories and mobile devices that will help you in determining what to optimize your website for. Through this you can also determine which operating systems and the operating system versions to optimize your website for.

Sticking to User Interface Guidelines and Patterns

If you want to have an app that work smoothly through your mobile website, operating systems have a way of following UI and principles that their users like to follow. Each and every operating system is different. An iOS is very different from an Android. So use only that operating system for the app that matches with it. Learn the differences between each app and operating systems and how they work differently. Look into the internet to find some smashing deal codes and offers on your mobile website. Chances are that you might find some good iPhone and iPhone application development company for building your new mobile website.

Imran Khan

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