Top Android Apps For Cloud Computing

December 19, 2012
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Android applications have gained massive popularity since their introduction in the market. This is mainly because of their combination of efficiency and style, something that gives the best solutions to cloud computing needs. This gives users of cloud computing applications the freedom to access their data services from anywhere they go. But what are some of the best Android applications for cloud computing?

Google Drive

This is arguably one of the best cloud computing applications designed for Android devices. If you are one of those Android users who wish they could read or edit their documents before downloading them, then this is one of the applications to go for. Thanks to this application, documents can be edited online before downloading them to any Android device. Most importantly, the application also allows users to transfer images, videos and files to Google Docs, which they can later share with friends.

Safe Wallet

If data security is your biggest concern, then Safe Wallet will put your fears to rest, literally. This application keeps you safe and secure from identity fraud and theft. Thanks to Safe Wallet password manager, you can store your logins, passwords and sensitive information in the cloud without ever worrying about the fear of losing them. Most importantly, this sensitive information can be accessed via any Android device.


This is an open-source application designed for Android devices. It allows users to link to their Flickr accounts to view their favourite photos stored on the website. Besides that, it also enables users to upload photos directly from their accounts to share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. It also has a privacy setting option that allows you to share photos with only specific friends.


This application has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the default web clipping applications for smartphones. Using this application, you are able to access your notes across any Android device. It also enables users to clip several web pages and sync them on their home web browsers, on the cloud or on their Android smartphone devices. You can also take photos or even videos then sync them back on your desktop.


This is another popular application that enables Android users to automatically backup and sync photos and videos without relying on the internet. This is made possible by a wireless system. The major advantage of this application is that one is able to access the real time upload changes.

This is a personal free finance application that enables users to connect with their personal credit card and bank account details online either through their desktop or smartphone. With this application, you can access your bank account balance or credit card information from the comfort of your living room. This is done without the need to enter ones login information every time they use the application. It has a smart folder that gives a fine detail of your latest transactions and a widget that refreshes your account details accordingly.

With cloud computing increasingly going mobile, there is no denying that it will emerge as a dominant factor in mobile technology in the coming years. In this respect, Android applications for cloud computing will remain an essential part of Android devices like smart phones. Besides being user-friendly, these applications also have the most basic features that enable users to access internet services just like they would with a computer.

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