How to Write a Summary of an Article

February 21, 2012
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The art of How to write a summary of an article is a knowledge that can only be mastered through accurate research and precise planning. It is important to follow the step and have a good selection of significant points related to the topic in hand. It will help you to list facts according to a variety of needs. These will also enhance your ability to produce a simple and uncomplicated template.

Step # 1 – Introduction on How to Write a Summary of an Article

To convey a significant message majority of us need to follow this step and for some it comes as naturally to be writing a summary. This is the reason it is good to be precise in your information when writing a summary of an article. This source makes it productive for the readers when searching for information. With the help of this template the challenges of scanning up to the ranking of the current topic becomes simple when you know How to Write a Summary of an Article. Summarize the article in such a way that the poll ranking of the epitome information remains the same in the beginning, the middle and the end while expressing the points.

Step # 2 – Convey simple message

When you are writing in points always make sure you convey strong simple message and not confuse any topic. This bullet system helps the reader to comprehend and remember quickly. The introduction of How to Write a Good Article Summary will help you to scan and target out all the significant facts without the complicated words. Also this makes it easy for the writer and the reader to follow the significant source without having to question the article.

Step # 3 – Read and follow the source on How to write a summary of an article

When you experience a large number of facts missing it is easy to update the information, but it is significant to remember the tips about the writing so you can identify the missing links yourself. In this way you can lead the details of the text being written with all the facts that you plan to summarize.

Step # 4 – Write and edit your summary

Once you have all the facts lined up and have followed the tips on How to Write a Good Article Summary you can write a summary with significant conclusion. Proof read the summary you have written a couple of times to make sure that the message you convey lead to strong details.


A strong summary should wrap up to be 3 to eight sentences in length. It may be referred to as being a source with good information and a compliment to the readers. In addition it should be unbiased and easily understood by a non-technical reader. With this information source as a simple step to follow on How to write a summary of an article combined with some practice will transform you into a strong writer.

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