How to Track Email Deliverability

November 30, 2012
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Email Deliverability

One of the major issues of email marketing is email deliverability. You can have a well-crafted email and tempting incentive, but if it is not delivered, it will not produce any results. Typically, 20 percent of genuine emails do not get delivered to the recipient inboxes. For a business, this means lost customers, lower customer satisfaction and reduced revenue. That is why it is crucial to track email deliverability and ensure that your customers effectively receive all your messages.

Providing Email Delivery

Online companies provide top-notch email delivery and ensures that emails are successfully delivered. Transactional email deliverability, is crucial since it is a type of email that responds to the actions of customers. For example, when a customer makes a purchase, it is important that they receive a confirmation email as a way of helping them ascertain that their purchase request has been received.

How to ensure successful email delivery

Email authentification systems such as SPF and DomainKeys, together with ISP monitoring, feedback loops, DKIM, link customization and whitelabeling among others are handled by such companies, increase as well as track email deliverability. Online businesses, also offer unique computer IP addresses enabling clients to have complete control of their own email reputation. Therefore, whether you are looking for an email service provider that will offer you smtp email delivery, transactional email delivery, and app email deliverability, you can count on companies to effectively handle these services for you.

What to do when your customers do not receive your emails

If your customers or recipients are not receiving your emails, it could be a result of any of the situations mentioned below:

1. You have in recent times created a new account

In case you have recently joined an online account, it could be that your account has not yet been activated or provisioned. Ensure that you have appropriately responded or clicked the activation link you were sent upon signup. If your recipients still fail to receive your messages even after activating your account, it could be that your new account is not provisioned.

Upon signup, every account is screened by each compan[y for the purposes of ensuring that only genuine clients use the service for legitimate reasons. Even though this usually takes a short time, there are times when the process becomes delayed. To speed up this process, ensure that you provide correct contact info and that your website is accessible and its purpose can be effortlessly understood.

2. Your request data is higher than the delivery statistic or you are unable to send emails to certain email addresses

If you repeatedly experience difficulty sending mails to certain addresses, it may be that the specific email addresses are listed under any of the categories mentioned below:

* Invalid email list

* Spam report list

* Unsubscribe list

* Bounce list

If an email address is listed under any of the above categories, then future emails sent to that specific address will be automatically discarded. This is to ensure that your sending reputation is protected.

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