How Can I Hit The Front Page Of Reddit?

November 30, 2012
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Reddit is a constantly growing source of entertainment and information for a huge section of the internet. If your company’s target demographics include young, liberal, Western males in any way, Reddit will be a major element of your internet marketing campaign.

Once upon a time, it was easy for a marketer to hit the front page of Reddit.

That is certainly not the case anymore.

With increasingly savvy and savage users, and an intolerance for disguise and deceit of any kind, Quora is littered with the bodies of dead and dying marketers who ‘only wanted to help’, or ‘thought (they were) being funny’.

A more sophisticated approach is required, built around the following ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s.


Be yourself. Sincerity, wit and individuality (plus a dash of humility and self-deprecation) are the most-valued personality traits on Reddit, and they all stem from being yourself with no pretences.


Promote a client by stealth. Being transparent is vital if you’re going to gain the trust of redditors. Making the front page might result in a lot of traffic regardless of your intentions, but if it’s only about the PR you will be found out, and the tricks you used to get to the front page will be exposed.

Your brand’s reputation may suffer as a result.


Interact with the community. Talking to the people on Reddit generates good will and can help to show that you really do know what you are talking about.


Provide useless or overly simple answers or opinions. Reddit’s system of upvotes and downvotes is specifically designed to weed out low quality comments, and a lot of downvoted comments will reflect poorly on you.


“IAmA”.  “IAmA” is a subreddit designed for people who do genuinely interesting things to talk about the things they do. This could be anything from game design to palaeontology to acting in movies. Many social media campaigns have been built around “IAmA” posts!


Create an “IAmA” for about an hour and then leave. An IAmA is a hefty commitment that requires a lot of work to pull off well. It’s considered extremely bad form to leave early, especially if you’re not particularly famous or interesting.


Get your friends to promote posts that are important to you by clicking “Upvote”. Redditors are like any other group of people, in that if other people like something they will usually try to see the good in it, and if other people don’t like something they will only see the bad.


Create spam accounts to upvote things for you. This could result in you being banned at best, or publicly named-and-shamed and subjected to hate campaigns at worst.

Finally, remember that the key to doing really, consistently well on Reddit is the same as it is on any social media platform.

Engage with the community, listen to the community, and respect the community. That’s it!

How Can I Hit The Front Page Of Reddit?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Shiraz Ali

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