2013-04-12T09:35:09Z http://www.konoozi.com/feed/atom/WordPress Imran Khan <![CDATA[Britain faces a massive shortfall in its workforce]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5064 2013-03-22T08:12:21Z 2013-03-22T08:12:21Z According to a recent report from Randstad, the Netherland’s based multinational human resources consulting firm, by 2050 the United Kingdom can expect to face a shortfall in its workforce of around 3.1 million. The report is based on statistics compiled by Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical office.

 Randstad’s analysis shows that in 2050 the UK’s population will be about 74.5 million and that a workforce of around 35.4 million will be required. However, with an aging population meaning only 60.5% of the people (or 45.1 million) will be available to work and assuming an employment rate matching the pre-downturn level of 71.6%, then only 32.3 million will be in work – a shortfall of 3.1 million.

The UK is already seeing shortages in many sectors and it is anticipated that in the future those in shortest supply will be teaching staff, with an expected shortfall of 127,500 by 2050. Construction workers and nursing staff are next on the list, both sectors expected to be over 60,000 short of requirements. Work-related migration is considered to be a major contributor to the problem.

From 2003 to 2007 the UK experienced a net inflow of skilled workers and saw a 13% increase in economic growth. Since 2007, however, the picture has changed. There has been a 16% rise in work-related emigration combined with a 24% fall in work-related immigration. This is the result of the economic downturn and the restrictions on skilled workers entering the country introduced in 2010.

The ageing population is also a major factor affecting availability for the work force. According to projections, by 2050 only 60.5% of the population will be of working age (between 16 and 65) compared with 66.4% today. The engineering industry clearly demonstrates this age problem as it faces massive retirement levels in the years to come. For example, by 2025 some 70% of the nuclear work force is expected to have retired, this at a time when EDF Energy has plans to invest £20 billion over the next 15 years in the generation of low-carbon nuclear energy.

According to Randstad’s UK CEO Mark Bull, these projections are conservative. They do, however, present a disturbing picture and show that if the necessary talent is not available in the domestic market, then British industry must look overseas. Mr Bull says that there is a wealth skilled professionals abroad, but attracting them to the UK and then obtaining work permits is proving a tough challenge for many potential employers. He points to the appointment of Canadian Mark Carney as Governor of the Bank of England as proof that sometimes the most suitable candidates for a post can be found overseas.

These projections appear to be grim. Forewarned, however, is forearmed. There is time for Britain to take steps to mitigate against the likelihood a future shortfall in labour.

About author

My name is Richard Deeley and I am the global PR consultant for Randstad recruitment. The London jobs market is a major focus of priority in terms of research and understanding both client and candidate expectations.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[4 Considerations to Make Before Getting a Degree in Graphic Design]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5061 2013-03-21T23:48:13Z 2013-03-21T23:48:13Z If you have an artistic flair, becoming a graphic designer may be a great career path. This growing field affords those with degrees the ability to work in a variety of areas or freelance from a home office environment. There are some essential things you should consider to guarantee you’ll be successful.

1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree and Major in Graphic Design

Whether you choose a conventional higher education venue or opt for an online degree, do obtain a bachelor’s degree and major in graphic design. For example, if you live in Florida, a Miami graphic design degree is possible with the many graphic design courses in Miami.

Because it’s possible to begin to build a freelance portfolio as you obtain your degree, ask the school how to ensure you are taking the required core and design courses while still affording you time to work on projects, enter graphic design contests and participate in local design events.

2. Be an Expert in Design Software and Programming

Today’s graphic designers are versed in a variety of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, Maya, QuarkXPress and After Effects. The more programs you master, the easier it will be for you to land jobs, especially if you’re employed in-house and are asked to work with many types of design software.

You’ll also need to learn web design programming like HTML, XHTML and CSS—these are often intertwined with graphic designers and the projects they tackle.

3. Create a Continuous Portfolio and Build Resource Tools

Even when you start out, take the time to place every piece of work you’ve designed into a portfolio and make it available online as well as in print. This is important whether you choose to freelance in Miami graphic design or choose to work in a corporate environment as clients and employers will want to view samples of your work. Include designs you created for personal growth as well as contest entries and be sure to include all paid work.

You’ll also need to build some resource tools you can use in projects such as fonts, artwork and templates you can use down the road. Utilize your instructors and classmates to find free and allowed resources and steer clear of any materials that have a copyright.

4. Know Who Is Hiring and How Much You’ll Make

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median salary for a graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree is $43,500. Job growth for this field is expected to increase by 13 percent between 2010 and 2020. One could realistically make more by climbing the ladder, building a great portfolio or managing a group of designers.

Once armed with your degree, you can expect to find jobs in the publishing and advertising arenas along with public relations. Many graphic designers choose to freelance and offer their services in a variety of industries—even designing floorplans, landscaping or vehicle graphics.

If a career in graphic design feels right to you, use these four tips and you’ll soon find your way to an exciting career with lots of opportunity.




]]> 0 Shiraz Ali http://www.konoozi.com <![CDATA[3 Reasons to Change Your Domain Name and One Reason to Keep It]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5057 2013-03-21T18:42:24Z 2013-03-21T18:42:24Z

What’s in a name? Well, if it’s a domain a name, it’s how your visitors, customers, and vendors find you on the Internet. Many businesses just making a foray into the Internet find themselves wondering which domain they should choose to represent their brand. Even those that have an established web presence may have doubts about the web name they have chosen. Sometimes those doubts have you asking whether you should change your domain name?

Change Your Domain Name

Well that depends on a number of factors. Changing your web name is a lot like changing your business’s physical address. It’s a lot of work and you may lose long time customers when you make the move. So you need a really good reason to go through all of that. Here are just a few:

It’s Forgettable

If your visitors are to remember your website, they need a memorable address to point them to do that. Something long and complicated isn’t ideal. Neither is something someone might misspell. People aren’t going to go out of their way to find your website. There are some people who build their entire business on the fact that people misspell domain names. They buy a popular misspelling and set up ads on it. That’s all well and good for them but those are lost visitors your own website.

So if your brand’s name is BrandMe and you have the choice between brandme.com or brndme.com, choose the one that would be easier to remember. And by that token, buycheapbooks.com is better than scherbatskybooks.com.

It Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

Brands are living, breathing creatures that evolve over time. (Those that don’t, often find themselves left behind.) Sometimes you may find it necessary to change the name of your business or direction of its brand. If that happens, changing your domain name just makes good business sense for the future of your company. Consider forwarding your old domain to your new domain to avoid losing visitors that don’t move with you.

ABC Consulting probably got a lot of visitors at abcconsulting.com. But when it merged with XYZ Marketing and became Alphabet Inc, it should have changed its web address for the sake of continuity and future growth. Customers only familiar with Alphabet Inc will be confused why they’re being asked to go to abcconsulting.com or xyzmarketing.biz.

It’s Not a .Com

For most businesses, having a .com domain is the right choice. Some consumers are less savvy about the Internet and have trouble trusting .biz or other extensions. Even those that understand there are a number of domain extensions may look askance at anything other than a .com. Within many industries, you look a lot less professional or established with a .net or .mobi. extension.

Exceptions exist, of course. Some industries and products are better suited to something less traditional. Some of the country specific extensions lend themselves to some interesting web names.  For instance, Libya’s .ly extension has led to Bit.ly and other successful business domains.

And The One Reason You Shouldn’t. . .

is that it works.

Domain names serve one purpose–to tell your visitors where to go to find your content and products. If yours does that–even if it’s got one of the above problems–it’s working just fine. There’s no need to fix what isn’t broken.

If you do decide that changing your domain name is the right thing to do, don’t worry about the old one. You can always keep it and let it forward to your new one. A domain costs about $12 a year and having two for a little while shouldn’t break your business budget.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[Now Get Your Favourite Web Fonts From The Online Font Sites]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5054 2013-03-19T12:54:51Z 2013-03-19T12:54:51Z You might have heard it may times being told in various computer classes that the font is a very important aspect of your work. It defines the way the receiver will look at your work. Different font styles can be used to either gain attention for various purposes. We have all known the importance of fonts by various examples. We have seen that advertisements with different types of fonts can work magic. Most of the times, we see something big or in a bright colour we will think more of it and that is exactly what is wanted by the advertisements.

Most of the times, the name of the product will be given in a bright font and colour combinations which will really work well with the people. One may also use other types of formatting tools like bullets for mentioning the highlights of the products or the service. If there are many advantages or such aspects to be shown, we use the numbering formats. There are many such tools which were taught to us during the classes of advertising. But when it comes to the documents in PC and systems, the most important one to these are the fonts.

Fonts play an important role in gaining focus when one is sending a document via the email. Many of the fonts can be found online which have various characteristics.

  • Some are very round and take the round ends of the letters to a totally new dimension. Each letter will look cool and distinctive.
  • Many of the fonts follow the cyber pattern and give very digital image to the written data. They look like the digital notifications we get on our systems and are simply fun to use.
  • Other fonts can also help in coming up with various languages. The characters of the languages can not only be used for fun but also tend to be vital.

No wonder that the demand of the fonts is increasing with each day. Thankfully there are many such online sources from where you can download fonts. This will take care of your need for an attractive font for the documents. There is practically a very large database that you can surf for and find out the exact type of font which you want. Online sites can be the source of a lot of paid fonts which you can use. But the fact that you will have to pay for these will deter many users and that is why the option of free samples of fonts is also available.

Web fonts are now being developed by many firms online. Just search and you will find lots of links for free fonts online. These firms provide both paid as well as free fonts. Now you will not have to just use the same old fonts which are provided by default in your text formatting software. Just take the time to read the description of the fonts given so that you will get one which is actually useful for you.

These sites give you lots of free web fonts which can be used on any OS. Earlier the compatibility was a major issue as some fonts worked well on MAC while didn’t work so well on windows and vice versa. Now it is not so.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[Graphic Designers! Software You Should Master for a Better Career]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5050 2013-03-14T20:45:02Z 2013-03-14T20:45:02Z Graphic designers need impressive skills to get full-time or freelance jobs. Since everyone communicates via the Internet these days, designers need to know how to take their ideas from their sketchpads to the computer screen. These 4 pieces of software have become so important that it’s almost impossible to start a graphics design career without mastering them.

If You Don’t Know Photoshop, Look for a New Job

Trying to get a job in graphic design without a lot of experience using Photoshop is like trying to get a job at NASA without studying math.

Photoshop has a lot of features that make it a go-to for illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers. Some of the best features of the latest edition include:

  • An extensive filter gallery to alter the appearance of images
  • The ability to insert text along a pre-determined path or shape
  • Scrubbers that let you use the keyboard more than the mouse, making the software more efficient
  • 3D graphics that have extraordinary depth
  • Ability to share images quickly and easily

Inkscape is Great for Freehand Drawing

inkscape isn’t quite as popular as Photoshop, but it has tools that certain graphic designers love. It’s less likely that a potential employer will pass over your application just because you don’t list inkscape as a piece of software you have mastered. Knowing how to use it well, however, will put you ahead of other applicants.

Some of the best features of inkscape include:

  • A freehand pencil drawing tool so you can sketch your ideas and make illustrations on the screen
  • The option to add additional text scripts, including those that read from right to left
  • Fill and stroke functions with a gradient editor and dash strokes
  • The ability to group objects so they’re easier to move on the screen
  • Embedded bitmaps that let you make custom shapes

CorelDRAW Has Freehand Drawing With Tons of Features

Like Photoshop, CorelDRAW is one of those programs that employers expect all graphics designers to know. Corel makes several pieces of software that play important roles in graphics design. If you only have enough time and money to learn one, make it DRAW.

Some of the features that graphic designers love about CorelDRAW include:

  • Its huge palette covering all Pantone colors
  • A curve smoothness feature that makes it easy for the designer to adjust curves without drag
  • Freehand and Artistic Media tools that let designers draw their own objects or load pre-made objects
  • The perspective dropshadow feature that makes it easier to add shadows to images
  • Its compatibility with Photoshop formats

Google SketchUp: One of the Best 3D Graphics Programs

The great thing about Google Sketchup is that it lets graphic designers work in 3-dimensional spaces. If you’re getting an online masters degree – getarealdegree.com that involves any kind of design work, be it graphic design, electrical engineering, or computer development, this software can help you explain your ideas better.

In addition to its easy-to-use 3D graphical interface, Sketchup offers:

  • Quick object creation with specific measurements
  • Object grouping so you can turn individual items into a single object
  • A large color palette
  • The ability to turn objects on the screen so you can see all sides of 3D items
  • The option to rotate single objects for a design

Each of these graphic design programs have their advantages. What other software options would you recommend for graphic designers?

Imran Khan <![CDATA[Online Marketing for Restaurants: 5 Website Design Tips]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5042 2013-03-01T16:40:35Z 2013-03-01T16:40:35Z When people are seeking information, whether they want to make a purchase or find a new place to eat, the internet is the first place they turn to. No matter what type of business you have, a website is pretty much a necessity. Competition among restaurants can be stiff and you want potential customers to be able to find you. Just like an attractive storefront can draw people into your establishment, a well-designed website can pique that same interest.

Make Sure You Have a User-Friendly Mobile Version

As more and more people access the internet from their smart phones, a user-friendly mobile version of your site is more important than ever. There is a good chance that a good number of people looking online for a restaurant are not sitting at home on their laptops, but already out on the town and are seeking out a good place to go in their immediate area. Restaurants with a site easily read and navigated by phone will have an edge over the competition.

Make Sure Vital Basics about the Restaurant are Easily Visible

This may sound obvious, but something many restaurant websites are lacking. The most basic, vital information about your restaurant should be easily visible, preferably on every page of the site. Said information includes phone number, location and operating hours. Near the top of the site is an ideal location. You should use Google maps and make sure to have a text version of the address right next the map.

No PDF Menus

Many restaurant sites offer their menu for a PDF download, which is an easy way for the web designer to integrate this information, but can be a pain for the end user.  Furthermore, once the customer downloads it, they never have to visit your site again, and you do not want that.  PDF files can also slow down your site and impact your SEO efforts. Your site will be an important source of information for promotions, giveaways and other events that you hope will draw in new customers and keep your current ones coming back. Another important point….put the prices online. Give the customer all of the information they need to make a decision. Make sure your menu design looks as attractive and appealing as your regular menus do.

Keep Content Fresh

Google likes regularly updated websites. You may not think there is much you can do to keep a restaurant website constantly updated, but there are plenty of tactics.  Consider adding a blog to your site where you post at least once a week—there are countless topic ideas in the realm of food and cooking; if writing is not your strong suit, there are plenty of freelance writers who would be happy to provide content for you. Sites like Problogger.net offer job boards where you can post your specifications.  Make sure your specials, promotions and events are always added to your site.

Offer Online Reservations/Ordering

As we rely more and more on the internet, we are developing a preference for email and other forms of online communication over the good old telephone. If your restaurant takes reservations, consider taking them online—you must have a system in place that sends confirmation that the reservation was received. This can also give your business a boost as this method allows your customers to do this at any time day or night, at their convenience. If you provide take-out or delivery services, you should consider setting up an online ordering system—you can even set them up to take payment online as well.

Kelli Cooper, writing for MenuShoppe, is a freelance writer who covers various restaurant topics, from how to design a menu to social media tips.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[5 Must: Essentials for your Website Development]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5038 2013-03-01T16:36:32Z 2013-03-01T16:36:32Z A well-thought-of website makes all the difference as far as competition in the web market is concerned. Discerning developers understand this very well that’s why they get better projects. Fortunately, the ways to come up with a standout website are not a secret. Upon reading these 5 essential tips for website development, you will realize that all great website employed them in one clever way or another. Let’s get to them without further ado.

Concentrate on basic elements. Many website developers are guilty for mixing up important and unimportant website elements. It’s hard to be objective about what’s essential or not because all things that you put in to your website seems important. You can get out of this predicament, nonetheless, by sticking to the purpose of the site.

You can do this by employing the 80-20 canon.It basically means 80 per cent of the website value could be demonstrated by using just 20 per cent of its content. Its main advantage is not giving your visitors any reason to get distracted and go away. Fewer links to click means less reasons to go away from your page.

Get rid of what the site doesn’t need. This is the most direct approach to accomplish 80-20 and, it means not giving excuses for a visitor to leaveyour page. Avoid putting too much items in the sidebar such as widget or Meta details. These elements can make your page appear busier. Without them, nothing will distract your visitors.

Minimize page number. Fewer pages mean fewer territories to explore. If you feel that you don’t have much use for a particular page, you might as well remove it. Not only does it make your site look neat, it also makes it more coherent.If there’s one thing that too many pages do well, that’s confusing the readers about what to read first. Limit your pages and give a more pleasant experience to your readers. This is its greatest benefit.

Take advantage of the Fold. Studies found out that most people spend their time over the Fold. If you deliver information to your readers without requiring them to scroll down, you’re doing a great job. Your visitors will feel more comfortable because they can get your message without going down the page. If you can put all the important content and call-to-action tools above the Fold, your site will be more effective.

Use colours sparingly. A colourful website is a real eye-candy. Nevertheless, for your website to have its own identity, you must choose its colour scheme wisely. To do this, you can start with two or three colours. You can also use colours in the same shade. Using too many colours to make the site look better is wasted effort. That’s because the eyes get distracted easily if it sees too much.And, distraction is not pleasant. Limiting colour usage does not only make the site look slick, it also makes it appear smarter, and more professional.

Author Bio:

Sunny Popali is SEO Director at http://tempocreative.com. Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[SEO and WordPress – What’s the Real Connection?]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5036 2013-03-01T16:32:03Z 2013-03-01T16:32:03Z When running a website, it is important that you pay attention to your site’s SEO in order to gain traffic from the search engines. If you do not actively try to increase your website’s search engine rankings, it will be difficult for you to gain any visitors from the organic search result. Since SEO is so important, many webmaster prefer using WordPress as their content management system because it is so helpful in improving a website’s on-page SEO factors.


Having a URL structure that includes your target keywords is important when trying to rank on the first page the search results for specific terms. WordPress allows you to change your link structure to include these terms or any terms you want when creating a new page or blog post for your website. Having this type of flexibility that is very easy to manage is definitely an asset when it comes to improving your website’s search rankings. If you’re interested, there is a lot more details published on nPromote business website, New York based IM & SEO company.


Tags are another excellent SEO feature WordPress offers website owners. Through this feature, you are able to label each post you create for your website with certain keywords. These tags make it easy for people visiting your website to find general topics they are interested in, improving the user experience associated with your website. Also, tags make it possible for the search bots to quickly index all of your site’s content by providing additional internal links to any new content you post.

WordPress Code

The code itself that is associated with WordPress is generally very clean and always up to date. With new versions of WordPress released all of the time, website owners do not have to worry about security flaws or other backend technical issues as long as they continually update the version of WordPress that they are running.

SEO Plugins

Perhaps the best reason to use WordPress as a content management system is the various plugins that are available for you to use on your website. Plugins help improve the functionality of a website without having to do the hard coding yourself. Two SEO plugins, Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack, are well known for their SEO advantages. By using one of these plugins with your website, you will ensure that each and every page of your website is optimized for the search engines, increasing your chances of receiving a first page ranking in the search results.


WordPress also makes it very easy to create categories for your website. Using the categories that you create will allow you to group content together on your website, making it easy for someone to find what they are looking for. Also, when creating a new category, you are able to alter the URL slug of the category to ensure an instance of your target keyword is included in that slug. By doing this, you will increase the number of instances of your target keywords on your website, which in turn will help improve your website’s rankings.

Image Optimization for SEO

WordPress makes it very easy to upload images into your posts using a drag and drop feature within the content editor. Also, when placing an image on your website, the image uploader provides you with the opportunity to add alt and title tags to optimize your images for the search engines. Including alt tags, title tags and descriptions for each image you place on your website gives you a chance to increase the amount of SEO friendly text on your site while also increasing the likelihood that each image will show up in the search results as well, which can drive additional traffic to your website.

WordPress is one of the best content management systems because it is so SEO friendly. The various SEO features associated with WordPress enable websites to gain an advantage over their competition that are not using this particular content management system.

Shiraz Ali http://www.konoozi.com <![CDATA[How Social Media meet three key trends B2B marketing?]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5033 2013-02-28T06:10:44Z 2013-02-28T06:10:44Z When a company the size of Coca-Cola, accustomed to traditional marketing techniques, social media invades and becomes the first Fanpage on Facebook or when Pepsi, known for its legendary commercials during the Super Bowl, withdraws its budget on Youtube and creates the buzz, all other trademarks B2C quickly understand the value of integrating social media into their marketing strategies, especially those that cater to a population of young, constantly connected!

For B2B companies, this is another story! Apart from a few large technology companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Intel … or some dynamic and innovative startups such as Marketo and Hubspot … most companies are still asking a lot of questions and are not totally convinced of the effectiveness or the interest in their social media strategies.

According to a study published in the “Journal of behavior” [1] , social media will become an essential component in B2B strategies, especially in the technology industry as they help to answer three major trends in B2B marketing:

Trend # 1:

The role of marketing is the information processing [2] : During the last 10-15 years, B2B marketing has moved from a transactional approach to a relational approach, based on the information. We now speak of an informational marketing. The key to success of B2B marketing is to acquire the right information, analyze and deploy. Therefore, the most effective marketing strategies are those that make full use of technological tools including social media to develop and deploy information.

Trend # 2:

The customer relationship marketing becomes paramount in [3] : The customer relationship in the B2B industry is very complex. B2B companies face buyers always very skeptical and constantly threatened by the idea that their technology investment will quickly become obsolete. It is very common that buyers want to minimize the financial risk or be faithful to suppliers they know and with whom they used to work. In this industry, the risk factor is very high among both buyers and sellers, the concepts of trust, credibility and commitment are vital. Therefore, the development of relational and informational strategy based on a continuous flow of information, can reassure buyers and create a climate of trust and commitment between the two parties. However, how social media contribute to building a relationship of trust between B2B companies and their customers? Part of the answer is in the trend # 3!

Trend # 3:

“Market Driven” to “Market Driving” B2B marketing must drive the market rather than being driven by the market [4] . trend contradicts the ideas of 90 years [5] , according to which B2B marketing must generally be sensitive to changes in the market (Market driven), rather than trying to bring about change. This approach is absolutely inappropriate in the technology industry where innovation reigns. Indeed, technology companies can impose through their innovations and their expertise, as market standards. This concept of “Market Driving” is based on three dimensions:

  • Value creation: the company focuses on innovation
  • Change: The company positions itself as an initiator or catalyst for change
  • Leadership: The company introduces trends and best practices to inspire actors of the industry and its ecosystem

Active participation in social media adds value to these three dimensions.

B2B marketing strategy social media can be creative value to the ecosystem, to the extent that the company can develop a context for information exchange and collaboration around new ideas and new trends. The main objective of any company wishing to deploy its B2B social media strategy is to define the scope of its expertise and position itself as a thought leader in its field.

Dizero is a writer who writes for buy Instagram likes – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and instagram profile artificially.

Imran Khan <![CDATA[How to Enhance Your Site’s Design and Usability]]> http://www.konoozi.com/?p=5030 2013-02-27T12:17:37Z 2013-02-27T12:17:37Z One of the things that have to be done in order to increase the number of people who are viewing your site is to enhance its design and usability. This aspect is one of the most important and yet many people are forgetting about it. if you think your site is not getting enough attention from the viewers, you must consider renewing different parts just to make it appealing. This article will be giving you different insights that can be used in order to enhance your site.

Make it simple and readable

One of the reasons why people visit your site is to get information. Whether you want to showcase the features of a service/product or you just want to inform, you need to make your site easy to understand. Before posting anything, you need to rate its level of readability. With this, you need to ask yourself if the content of your website is understandable. Determine if the information can be understood in just one reading. In order to make it easy to read and understand, write contents that are simple. Proofread the articles that you will be posting and make sure that there are no errors or issues that the readers will be confronting when they read it.

Rate the benefits of the content to the readers

When it comes to the usability, you can rate it by asking yourself about the advantages and benefits that the readers will be getting after reading the posts in your site. You should determine if you are giving a hand to the target readers who are constantly visiting the site. With this, you can check the comments that you are getting in every post. You should also conduct a simple survey by asking for feedback at the end of every post. This will help you understand the things that you must change and improve.

Select an equally appealing and connected design

When choosing the color, design and background, you need to consider different things. Your website is catering to a certain group of people. If it is all about music, you must choose designs and backgrounds that are related to the topic. When you have a site that is made in order to encourage people to love nature, you should choose designs that are related to nature and environment. In simple terms, you need to choose designs and colors that will harmoniously relate with the topic. The connection of every aspect in your site is very important. The beauty of a page greatly relies on the unity of the posts, the title and the background. So, when you are choosing the right background, make sure that you are also considering the subject and the audience.

If you have a well designed and highly usable website, you will surely have constant viewers who will definitely refer your page to other people. When creating the content of your website, you need to think about its effect to the people. If you want a website with a high usability rate, help your readers.

Author Bio: Wil Le is Director at ziplinewebsites.com; ZipLine is Phoenix Web Design Company in Phoenix, Arizona. With decades of professional experience, we have the expertise and the longevity our clients have come to know and trust. We are expert in Web Development, Content Management, Mobile applications, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization.