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Buffalo Web Design

What We Do Technology focused team

Dedicated, Smart, Cutting Edge, Hard Working, Productive, Creative professionals brings more than 20 years of experience and true enjoyment with working in the IT field. 

Konoozi strives to better serve existing and potential new clients inorder to be their "trusted advisor". We will not take a job or a project if we do not believe we will deliver 100 %. That is the Konoozi "guarantee".

What We Do Research driven Cutting edge technology

Save you valuable time so that you maintain laser-sharp focus on your core business.

Provide you with profound edge website or technical support under a Web/IT contract; we produce great results tailored to your budget.

Why Konoozi We care and make a difference.

Konoozi partners with you from the first step of development to implement and integrate web ideas and applications that specifically meet your unique objectives and produce measurable outcomes.

A team member is always available to answer questions and implement solutions quickly.

How Just ask! Konoozi is passionate about problem-solving.

Konoozi takes pride in taking time to fully understand our clients' needs and wants.

Our team of Creative Designers and Technologies Experts will work with you on the project from concept to completion, ensuring your project receives the attention it deserves from planning: design and development to launch.

Where Based in USA

Konoozi demonstrates a clear commitment to taking care of you the customer by providing in house services. That’s right; Konoozi does not outsource any projects. Besides being a local presence in US and Canada Konoozi also caters to International clients in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Konoozi looks forward to helping you expand your business destination.

PricingAffordable Pricing that fits

Whether designing a simple website or offering continuous web support, we produce great results tailored to your budget. Your individualized strategy will determine the cost.

So call us today toll free at (855) Konoozi for a one time free consultation.

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Software Development

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IT Support

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Welcome to Konoozi Buffalo Web Design Company

Why choose us to design your website?

Konoozi LLC a Buffalo, New York based company with branches in San Francisco Bay Area – Silicon Valley and Toronto area. Konoozi offers custom Web, Software and Mobile applications development services, including graphics and website design and development, marketing and branding, search engine optimization (SEO), content generation (text, graphics and video) and the content management services. Additionally, Konoozi offers IT online helpdesk, software support and clients/servers monitoring and systems integration services.

Konoozi is fully staffed with only most qualified professionals to assist you with planning and realize your technological needs through the planning, design and development stages to the launching and maintenance of your critical business systems. Our team of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable systems engineers, programmers, web and IT experts will develop your next business solution ensuring the use of only the latest technologies available.

Konoozi principals believe in building a ‘trusted’ relationship with each of our prospect customers to a genuine partnering as a client. Konoozi has helped and can help customers reduce the cost of transitioning their business-critical applications and data from legacy computing systems onto latest architectures, including the cloud computing; and to save our customers valuable time and resources so they can maintain laser-sharp focus on their business goals that matter the most.

Values represent Konoozi    

Products and services Konoozi

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Konoozi Buffalo Web Design Company finds its strength to offer the development of web design for medium and small-sized business, individuals and companies in their respective target field worldwide; our customer ranges from Pool cleaner to Property Management Company, from Telco companies to Translation service; from Restaurants to Loan agencies. How we help?

As a testimonial and experience to Konoozi's presence in the community, please view the portfolio of featured companies on our website. Whether Konoozi designs your simple website or provide you with technical service and support under a Web/IT contract, we produce great results tailored to your budget.

Konoozi Buffalo Web Design Company offer FREE one-time consultation with one of our highly successful solutions expert. Call us toll free (855) KONOOZI. Where we are?

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